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10 September 2021 General


In a letter co-signed by the FPA, the On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) has called on government to ensure a single mandatory recycling label design in the Environment Bill.

Recycling label consistency is very much a necessary requirement to ensure the confusion the public and businesses have regarding disposal of used packaging is reduced, and to avoid any possibility of a ‘free for all’ in label design that would only result in added confusion.  This week OPRL launched the #MakeItEasy campaign for single, simple recycling label design to encourage greater public participation in recycling.  OPRL has also set up a petition and we would urge every FPA member and their colleagues to sign.

The cost to business of the forthcoming packaging legislation is going to be huge. Every element of our new waste management structure must ensure you get value for your EPR payments. Consistent recycling labelling is vital to delivering this. So please do sign now.