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9 January 2023 Press Release

FPA Calls Out Defra over leaks


9 January 2023

FPA Calls Out Defra over leaks  

Proposed Government ban of plastic plates, cutlery and expanded and extruded polystyrene boxes and cups

The FPA has been cooperating with Defra since a ban on these items was first put on the table back in 2021. It is therefore shocking to learn that findings from the Consultation, for which we have been waiting for almost a year and have not yet been shared with business or publicly, have been leaked to the media. 

This puts industry, which shares the government’s goal of reducing litter, reducing excess plastic consumption and helping to curb climate change, in a very difficult position when called on to respond to speculation over the contents of an unpublished consultation response.

Further, as this is not the first time this has happened, the FPA is calling for a code of conduct with regard to government departments issuing of information – at the time of issuing this statement the FPA has only just received a copy of the un attributed statement Defra issued to one title - given this is a public consultation effectively leaking the information to one newspaper cannot be seen as democratic. We also question why a statement was issued in advance of the publication of the first consultation response – surely they should be published at the same time?  It is simply not acceptable for business to learn of critical developments second hand.



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