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5 November 2021 General

Plastic In Wet Wipes

Earlier this week, Fleur Anderson MP (Labour), introduced a Ten Minute Rule Motion to ban plastic content in wet wipes. While these motions mostly tend not to result in legislation, we should assume this proposal, which has attracted cross-party support, will gather momentum on the basis of being an easy win as proponents will feel there is little economic or social consequence resulting from a ban.

Key questions need to be considered with regard to hygiene, and the lifetime and efficiency between wipes with and without plastic content, and the circumstances they are used in. Flushing wipes down the toilet is clearly not acceptable. It is important for MPs to recognise wipes used in professional kitchens ensure high levels of hygiene and are disposed of correctly.

The government has said it is working with manufacturers and water companies to ensure labelling is clear and to raise awareness of how to dispose of wet wipes properly.