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27 July 2022 Press Release


Defra Minister Steve Double has signed off the Scottish exemption to the Internal Market Act in enabling it to enforce its single use plastic ban. The Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA) is highlighting that when the exemption comes into effect on 12 August, Scottish businesses left with stocks will not be allowed to export banned items to businesses in England and beyond. The FPA says that this means stocks of items such as plastic cutlery, plates, straws and beverage stirrers, can’t even be given to charities, for example to help feed the homeless or refugees in camps on the Ukraine border.

Executive Director Martin Kersh says: “It seems incredible that Scottish government would, in the name of sustainability, rather see perfectly usable packaging destroyed.  Because supply and demand vary, it is likely that banned items will be found in warehouses for some time to come. It’s hard to believe that a government would rather this was destroyed than put to good use. We are particularly concerned that this rash action will set a precedent when it comes to other items targeted by the policy and call on the Scottish government to reconsider this wasteful action.”

Ian Queen Sales Director at Glasgow based Marshall Wilson also comments: “On top of vast energy and raw material cost increases, our customers are suffering another blow by having to increase expenditure on packaging as a result of this ban.

“In doing so, to add insult to injury, another cost is being forced upon our customers because they have to write off perfectly useable packaging rather than be given a reasonable time to make good use of it. It makes a mockery of the name ‘Zero Waste Scotland’ when it is telling every business in Scotland carrying stocks of the banned products, to scrap them.

“On its website, Zero Waste Scotland claim it: “will lead Scotland to use products and resources responsibly” ’How can Scottish government’s policy regarding left over stocks be regarded as responsible?”


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