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18 June 2021 Press Release


The FPA supports the CMA Green Claims Guidance, in which members have shown a strong interest.

The FPA is pleased that members have shown a strong interest in the Competition and Markets Authority draft guidance on environmental claims (link here) for which they are conducting a consultation. This reflects the interest right across business, as it seems unsubstantiated environmental claims are being made in just about every sector.

The CMA’s investigation revealed 40% of green claims could be misleading. Many products making green claims sell at a premium. The CMA has powers to name and shame and take court action to compel changes in communication.

According to solicitors, Pinsent Mason: “The CMA’s draft guidance is the most comprehensive guidance we’ve seen relating to environmental claims and businesses will need to pay close attention to it. If they don’t, they risk potential enforcement action from the CMA, Trading Standards and/or the Advertising Standards Authority.

"The availability of group and representative procedures in the CAT and UK courts could lead to large groups of claims of very significant value. Any attempt to use greenwashing to promote goods could come at a high price. Businesses should be alert to the risks and the increased scrutiny such practices are likely to receive from regulator and consumers alike.”

"The consultation runs until 16 July with final guidance published by late September 2021. We will publish templates to help you submit your own responses. We feel this is the best opportunity we have to ensure the use of unsubstantiated claims and the use of made up environmental logos and abuse of genuine ones, is ended. We need a level playing field where those who pay to check the claims of their packaging by third parties are not undermined by those who don’t.”

FPA Executive Director Martin Kersh says: "Those who exploit their customers' desire to be seen to be doing the right thing with packaging which in all reality will make no difference, should be held to account.”


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